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Fixrate is a market place for banks and depositors. This video we made for them explains their geniously simple concept in a geniously simple way! Read more at fixrate.no Fixrate beskriver seg selv slik: “Fixrate er en markedsplass for større bankinnskudd. Vi gir banker og innskytere enklere tilgang til bedre betingelser gjennom digitale kundeopplevelser som effektiviserer […]

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Holmboeprisen 2017

The Holmboe Prize is presented annually by The Norwegian Mathematical Council. The prize is awarded to someone who has done an extraordinary effort for the subject, and has an ability and a willingness to teach the subject and create interest and enthusiasm for it, while the pupils’ different needs and circumstances are taken into account. This […]

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The Girl Project Ada

Photo: Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering NTNU Studies in information and communication technology have long been characterized by a predominance of men. According to students, professors and the job market both the study environment and the work environment improve when both genders are represented. Kindergarten have enjoyed working with NTNU’s “The Girl Project […]

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Interreg for Dummies

Interreg helps regional and local governments across Europe to develop and deliver better policy by offering opportunities for regional and local public authorities across Europe to share ideas and experience on public policy in practice. This film tells the story of the Nowegian-Swedish Interreg-cooperation – their focus areas, possibilities and results – through the effective instrument […]

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Jakten på Den gode Energi

Energisenteret is a science center focusing on renewable energy, situated in Hunderfossen theme park. Jakten på Den Gode Energi (“The Hunt for the Good Energy”) consists of five films explaining four different methods of creating renewable energy and elecromagnetic induction. Here we do what we know best – communicating fantastic science in a fun way! […]

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Den Stolte Namdalingen

“Den stolte Namdalingen” (“The proud Namdaling”) was made for Blå Konferanse, a maritime conference i Norway in November 2016. The film gives a presentation of the big and versatile aquaculture industry and the coast of Namdalen in a humoristic manner. Recordings were done in beautiful Ytre Namdal weather, and the film offers an untraditional glimpse […]

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Nord-Trøndelag county wanted to add a little more spice to their annual reports, and we pulled out our chef’s hats and a huge pepper mill. We made the first film in 2013. Though some didn’t like it, we went on to make another one the year after. Check them out below, and make up your […]

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Gimbers Strikkeri

In Kindergarten we sure love our wool socks. That’s why we wholeheartedly embraced the task of helping The Norwegian Folk Art and Craft Association in bringing this great craft down throught the generations. Gimbers Strikkeri (Gimber’s Knittery) is a perfect course in knitting for kids and youth, but is also a great resource if you […]

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